What was originally conceived as a hairbrained scheme between two longtime friends to open a restaurant eventually evolved into something much more satisfying. Regan D. and Carlo LaCuesta who met 10+ years ago slinging plates at a humble diner in Mar Vista realized something was missing from their culinary lives. Namely, something they could call their own.

The two wunderkinds enlisted the help of some friends, launched their first Lodge Dinner and immediately realized they had something special on their hands.

With each new dinner, new chefs, sommeliers, and bartenders are welcomed into their repertoire. While the Lodge Dinners hosts the occasional big name executive chef, the goal is to highlight the unsung talent that works under these head chefs. By fostering and nurturing these emerging talents they are able to add to the culinary landscape of Los Angeles in a very unique way; by building a community. 

So please, be you not of the house of Montague, come join us!

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